Full-Stack / Mobile Developer

Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Tashkent Construction Development

NetCore API, UI Design, NetCore 6 API, Web Forms Design & Coding, Ionic Angular Mobile Development

2018 - 2021

Full-Stack Developer

Turkey, Istanbul

Development of Websites, Nodejs Ionic React React-native Bootstrap HTML5 Css3 Golang C# MVC Sqllite Firebase Rest & WebApi

2013 - 2017

Software Developer

Turkey, Istanbul, BSS Software

Develop custom software(including windows services) for the packing industry. C# Crystal Reports MSSQL Server Devexpress.


System Analyst / Developer

Turkey, Istanbul

Automatic Data Collecting Software. Designed and Developed. Get data from Textile machines and analyze, provide base data for planning and management. C#, Devexpress, Crystal Reports, Mssql.

2011 - 2013

Frontend Developer

UK, London

Design websites. Asp.Net MVC Bootstrap CSS HTML Javascript JQuery Http AJAX

2008 - 2011

System Analyst / Developer

Turkey, Istanbul, Alpin Socks

Analyze, Develop ERP software for the Socks Industry. Visual Studio, VB.Net, Devexpress, Crystal Reports, Mssql, Ftp, JQuery, Http, AJAX, EDI.

2004 - 2008

System Analyst / Developer

Turkey, Istanbul

Analyze,Develop ERP software for the Textile Industry. Visual Studio, C#, Devexpress, Crystal Reports, Mssql, Modbus, Rs232.


Post Graduate Certificate in Software Tech.

UK, Liverpool.

Major in Software Tech.

2001 - 2002


UK, Stockport

Develop a module for cheque clearance system - image processing. Visual Studio, Vb.Net, Devexpress, Crystal Reports, Mssql.

1998 - 2000


Turkey, Istanbul, Koc leasing

Develop a module for insurance companies. Visual Studio, Vb.Net, Crystal Reports, Mssql, PL/SQL, Oracle.

1995 - 1997

System Analyst / Developer

UK, London

Develop software for Estate Agents - Property Management. Access, Vb5-6, Mssql 6.5-7.



UK, London

Develop a software for Retail Shops - Stocks, Invoice Writing. Paradox for windows, Access, Vb4-5.

1992 - 1994


UK, London

Masters Degree in Political Economics, Middlesex University, London, The UK.

1991 * 1992


UK, London, Birkbeck College

Postgraduate Certificate in Economics. Birkbeck College, London, The UK.

1987 - 1991

English Studies

UK, London, Callan - ABC School of English

Became simultaneous translator/interpreter. London, The UK.


Graduation. I.I.B.F - İzmir

TURKEY, 9 Eylül University

Graduation, Economics and administrative sciences

1984 - 1987

Software Studies

Turkey, İzmir, Ege University, 9 Eylul University.

Studied programming and had proficiency on Cobol, DB2, PL/1 and eventually QBasic. Composing music with system sound on IBM pcs. Solving mathematical equations in PL/1 in mainframe computers.

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