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I'm a software developer that loves building products, web and mobile applications that impact some of lives. Currently working on Ebay Clone - Nextjs - Reactjs ✈️


For any sort help / enquiry, shoot a mail and I'll get back.

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I'm looking for a job currently, If you see me as a good fit, check my CV and I'd love to work for you.

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I've been developing software since 1984. I have a postgraduate cert. in software tech (The University of Liverpool). After a decade of desktop programming work, gradually became involved in web and mobile applications.

I have spent almost a decade in factories for writing applications for production, warehouse management, barcoding, getting data through counters, weight measurement devices, plc, etc. for planning and management departments.

I am from Mainframe age, from 1980's and was so happy to see IBM PCs in 1985 and immediately composed some folk songs with system sound.

The adventure started with Fortran and continued with Cobol, PL/1, DB2, QBasic, Paradox for windows, Access, Delphi, Visual Basic 4-5-6, Activex, ComObjects, RS232, Modbus, Microsoft SQL Server,Vb.Net, C#, MCV, Devexpress, PageMaker, FileNet, Crystal Reports, Phyton, Django, Bootstrap, HTML 5, Css3, Responsive Design, Photoshop, Wordpress, NopCommerce, Javascript, JQuery, Nodejs, React, Ionic, Nextjs, Golang, gRpc, RabbitMQ.

I didn't know what full-stack meant at that time because the term was not coined back then.

After learning HTML and struggling with CSS, I came up with an idea of using bootstrap or material design so that I don't have to style everything by myself and - for obvious reasons - if you knew them, your life will be cooler.

But now, I'm much better equipped. I've been coding in Ionic, React, Nextjs, Angular, Node.js, Express, Mssql, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Bootstrap, Material Design, Tailwind, C#, Golang, RabbitMQ, gRPC, and several programming languages etc to name a few.

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